Centro Integrado de Especialidades Psicológicas


We are a Mental Health Centre, composed by a group of efficient professionals, who work each day delivering numerous services, pursuing the goal of improving significantly the well-being of our patients and their families. The members of our team have been formed in the best universities of Chile, as well as overseas; also obtaining masters in various specialties, thus providing integrated perspectives of diverse problematics.


Clinical Psychology:

Our backbone consists in providing diagnosis and treatment to people of all the ages and for a wide range of psico-emotional situations. These include: depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, trauma and stressor related disorders, disruptive impulse-control and conduct disorders, sexual dysfunctions, grief and vital crisis, normative and non-normative family problems, as well as academic and work difficulties.

Juridical & Forensic Psychology:

We possess a recognized trajectory as an institution specialized in working the forefront with families submerged in contexts of judicial conflict; striving to assure the legal rights of all family members, and primarily seeking the well-being of children. Based on our expertise, our work is focused on evaluating, orientating and intervening in direct and regular relations, situations of violence, abuse and/or the violation of rights. In addition, we emphasize the importance of communication regimes and the adequate care of children and adolescents. This is achieved by employing techniques directed at strengthening parental faculties and responsibilities, as well facilitating processes that fortify the relationships and bonds between family members.


We provide a thorough exploration of all superior cognitive functions, including: attention, memory, language, praxias, executive functions, cognitive flexibility, social cognition and theory of the mind. In this area, our professionals work on detecting each individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as their main objective consists in reinforcing and/or rehabilitating diverse cerebral structures, in both children and adults. This specialty can be useful for a wide range of neuro-cognitive disorders such as: epilepsies, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, cranial traumas, dementias, cerebral-vascular accidents, and so forth.


Our team sustains a firm commitment to the principles of accessibility and non-discrimination, believing that every human being must be granted equal access to all health services. This is permanently reflected in the way our professionals work, constantly compelling the incorporation of multi-cultural and sexual diversity. CIEPS is one of few mental health centers in Chile that strives to incorporate diversity, offering bilingual therapy, and continuously receiving homosexual, bisexual and trans-gender individuals, presenting our services not only to them, but to their families as well.


Integrating Diverse Perspectives & Collaborative Work: We analyze all cases from the perspectives of different disciplines and specialties, and ensure constant supervisions between the members of our team. Also, we tend to contrast, compare and incorporate useful contributions presented by various professionals.

Professionalism: We fully understand the responsibility that our labor implies, thus working constantly to achieve excellence. We also count on empirical evidence to support the services that we provide, as well as the products we create.

The Ability to Listen: We allow ourselves the time to listen intently to each individual, to hear what they have to say, as to understand their needs and their wants. Each person and every experience is unique, and therefor deserves our undivided attention.

Empowerment: We attempt to promote and facilitate the development and growth of our patients´ resources and autonomy, so that they can be capable of cultivating their own well-being as well as diminishing conflicts. In our labor with families, we stimulate reciprocal understanding, strengthening parental faculties so that they can work as a team for their welfare and that of their children, breaking the incessant suffering that tends to affect all familiar members.


Evaluations for Children, Adolescents & Adults:

Psychological Evaluation
  • Social-emotional Maturity
  • Personality
  • Parental Skills
  • Intelligence, Mental Faculties and Organicity
  • Impulse Control
  • Development and Learning Disorders
  • Social Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Phonoaudiological Evaluation
Intervention & Treatment for Children, Adolescents & Adults:
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples’ Therapy
  • Bilingual Therapy
  • Parental Interventions
  • Family Interventions
  • Neuropsychological Therapy According to Cerebral Profile
  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Guidance

Psychoeducational Workshops & Courses for Professionals, Parents, Caregivers, Teachers & the General Public.

Consult for available courses. CIEPS offers the design and implementation of courses according to the specific needs of individuals and/or institutions.