Bilingual therapy


One of the governing principles sustained by CIEPS, is our permanent commitment towards facilitating accessibility to all health services. This is continuously reflected in the actions of our team of professionals, who permanently pursue non-discrimination and the incorporation of multiculturalism and diversity.

Due to globalization, Santiago has transformed into a city with pronounced economic development, becoming the new home for countless international investors. Furthermore, being a cosmopolitan capital, it is also a place where diplomats and other foreign representatives reside. This has consequently resulted in migrations becoming part of our day to day lives.

CIEPS, is a mental health center that acknowledges the inherent personal costs of migrations, and all processes that changes imply; as well as the difficulties that arise, inevitably impacting all family members. Our team also appreciates the complexity of finding therapists who can adequately apprehend and handle a foreigner´s native language, as well as the idiosyncrasies of diverse cultures.

Taking into consideration these previous notions, CIEPS, has come to be one of the only institutions in Chile to create and develop modalities of bilingual therapy. We rely on a wide range of well-instructed and experienced therapists, who not only speak English natively, but also comprehend the intricacy of different cultures and international customs.

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